Public Policy & Advocacy

Each day a small group of FRYSC coordinators, while operating their own Centers, are working diligently to plan advocacy efforts to educate policymakers, community leaders, and the general public on the important impact being made by each FRYSC center in every school district across the Commonwealth. This dedicated group of people comprise the FRYSCKy Public Policy Committee. The numbers tell much of their story:

  • $1,000,000 – funding increase in 2015 as result of advocacy efforts;
  • 2,065 – hours yearly planning and/or attending Advocacy, Receptions, Legislative Meetings, Committee Meetings, and Special Projects coordinated by FRYSCKy ;
  • 75,000 steps (35.51 miles) – average distance covered while providing advocacy at the Capital each year.

In addition, advocacy efforts lead to restored funding in 2018 and increased funding for centers in 2019.

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Coalition Advocacy Letter Template

Coalition – A Tip Sheet for Advocacy

Building Relationships with Legislators

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