Scholarship Request

Guidelines for FRYSCKy Mini-Grants:

  1. Coordinators, who request mini-grants for training from FRYSCKy, Inc., must be an active member of the Coalition.
  2. A Coalition member is limited to one mini-grant award per fiscal year.
  3. Mini-grants requests must not exceed $500.00. Requests must include an itemized listing of how the funds will be used (i.e. airfare, lodging, registration fee, ground transportation, mileage, and/or airport parking). The Coalition does not cover food/meals or other miscellaneous costs.
  4. Mini-Grants are only paid on a reimbursement basis (no money in advance). To receive the payment, mini-grant recipients must submit a one-page report highlighting their experience at the training along with a travel form and original receipts within two weeks after the event.
  5. A limited amount of funds is available for mini-grants.  Therefore, requests will be prioritized.
  6. The training for which a mini-grant is requested must hold to the mission statement of the FRYSC Coalition of Kentucky:
    “…to promote a network among those who seek to remove educational barriers of children, network with family support practitioners, other human services providers, and to learn from each other, share resources, collaborate more effectively on behalf of families, children, and youth.”
  7. The Board of Directors would like a description of the training for which a mini-grant is requested to accompany the request.  It should include:

    I.  Name of training

    II. How the training will benefit you professionally and benefit your children.

    III. How the project addresses the mission of the FRYSCKy.

  8. Mini-grant funds may not be used for Victory Over Violence or Fall Institute attendance. The Coalition and DFRYSC have other opportunities available to help support Coordinators’ attendance at these events.

 REQUESTS MUST BE SUBMITTED to the FRYSCKy Regional Representative at least 45 days prior to training event.  Regional Representatives have 3 days upon submission to forward requests with signature to the FRYSCKy Board for their approval.

Click here for the Mini-Grant Training Request Form