So I have a crazy that’s nothing new. I know how time consuming and…

So I have a crazy idea… that’s nothing new.

I know how time consuming and frustration running your FRYSC Facebook page can be. You spend all the time and brain power to figure out what to post and when you finally hit post, it just sits there with no engagement.

So here is my idea, what if you had weekly Copy and Paste posts about cyber safety that would engage your parents, educate them,
and help them to be safer parents of your students…for free?

You get higher engagement on your Facebook page and safer students and we get to help more people…Win/Win!!

Here is a little insight, Facebook shows original content (things you post) at a MUCH, MUCH higher rate than if you just shared other people’s posts.

So, just testing the idea. If you would be interested just reply 🖐 so I know if this is worth the time to put this together and send you the info, memes, videos ready to be posted every week.

Here is an insight post (there are several different types of posts) that I put up about 6 hours ago.