Let’s talk virtual Advisory Council Did you set your info up in Google Drive…

Let’s talk virtual Advisory Council meetings…

Did you set your info up in Google Drive or Google Classroom?

If Google Classroom, did you set it up outside of your G suite so your parent and community reps could access it?

Thanks for sharing!

12 thoughts on “Let’s talk virtual Advisory Council Did you set your info up in Google Drive…”

  1. I use Google Classroom for students to see things but then i also have set up one for a particular group (model ladies support group). I have a FRYSC page on the school website that is connected to the virtual hub for the school that parents access. Do they go to it? I have no idea but we try to spread the word.

  2. I set up a separate Google Classroom just for the Advisory Council, created a super cute slide with a ‘presentation’ Screen, included all the documentation in a folder linked to it, got everyone who was not attending in person joined, had the meeting and then, they all asked if we could just use Zoom next time…They all said, ones attending in person and virtually, they had rather do Zoom… I had rather do Zoom, too. And, as expected, the ones in person still want a paper packet… Keep it simple y’all! I told one of my virtually participating parents I apologized to for the diffInculturation she was having that I wished I’d followed my heart and used Zoom. I’m comfortable with it and I wasn’t GoogleMeet and that one day I would learn that I just need to burn my “I got this” hat and go with what I know…


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