Here is a preview of insights to grow your social media page for those…

Here is a preview of insights to grow your social media page for those who signed up (email with weekly posts will be sent Thursday):

**Facebook Page vs Facebook Group**

Most FRYSC’s have a FB Page for their Centers. While this is the normal way to go, it is not the best way to grow your audience and reach more of your community members.

Around 2016, Facebook changed their algorithm (how they decide what you see in your feed) to significantly decrease the reach of Pages. Why they did this is debatable. But the results was that if you want to get the same organic reach (how many people see your post without boosting or paid ads) as you did before, you had to pay money to boost your post to your audience.

While this has affected Pages, Groups remain unaffected for now. Groups remain much easier to ensure your posts have reached more of your current audience, thereby increasing the likelihood of reaching your potential audience.

While it will be a pain to switch people over to a group, the long term impact of moving your Group to a page will outweigh the initial frustration.

If you are worried that weirdo’s will be posting to your Group here are a couple of tips:
1. You can limit the posting to only you or group administrators
1. You can set it up so others can post (this helps grow your audience) but you have to approve their posts.
1. You can set up questions that people have to answer in order to join. This allows you to approve every person that is in the Group and avoid spammers that try to jump in your Groups

More engagement, more reach, more impact…Facebook Groups.

If you have any questions, just let me know.