13 thoughts on “Do any YSC have or give out kits to students with anxiety, stress, etc?…”

  1. I had a calm down station last year with noddles cut for stress balls and stress balls, tennis balls, seek and find game, coloring sheets

  2. This is one our students received to take home. It includes hair tie, container with cotton ball with peppermint oil, gum, crayons/ coloring sheet, pipe cleaner, fuzzy ball, rock. Our counselors done a google meet to explain the kit.

  3. I don’t have any take home (yet) but I keep a vase full of pipe cleaners on a table in my office for kids to “play” with when they visit – whether talking or not. Gave out some color your own craft kits and plant your own flower kits during the summer as well

  4. I have anxiety kits that include a stress ball, gum, a water bottle, and a list of techniques to reduce stress and stop a panic attack.

  5. Like Renee Wright Wooten, I collaborate w/ our Mental Health Practitioner and make a cool down toolkit for every classroom… stress balls, velcro, hand fidgets, feelings cards/dice, sand timer, pencil fidgets, cool down strategies cards, etc…

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