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FRYSCKy is now a Trusted Partner with Red Basket.

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Facts and Figures

Number of Centers:

Number of Family Resource Centers (FRC):

424 (FRCs Serve Elementary)

Number of Youth Services Centers (YSC):
268 (YSCs Serve Middle/High School)

Number of Combined Centers:
131 (FRYSCs Serve Elem. thru High School)

Number of Schools Served:
1181 or approximately 98 percent of eligible schools (schools where 20 percent of enrolled students are eligible for free or reduced-price school meals)

Number of Students Enrolled in Schools Served by FRYSC:

Family Resource Centers serve children under school age and in elementary school and coordinate:
* Preschool child care;
* After-school child day care;
* Families in training;
* Family literacy services; and,
* Health services and referrals.

Youth Services Centers serve students in middle and high school and coordinate:
* Referrals to health and social services;
* Career exploration and development;
* Summer and part-time job development (high school only);
* Substance abuse education and counseling; and
* Family crisis and mental health counseling.

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