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Faces of FRYSCKY Did you know…

  • FRYSCs employ 1,400+ people statewide (full- and part-time positions).
  • FRYSCs are funded per free meal eligible student. Over the past three years, there have been more than 300,000 students who were free meal eligible.
  • FRYSCs have the potential to serve 600,000+ students each school year (not including the 0-3 population), in addition to the families of each student.
  • FRYSCs, on average, are now making 12,000,000 student contacts and 4,000,000 family contacts each year. is a blog, news, and research site that aims to inform the public on financing for higher education. The site offers a prolifera of news that can and will affect how families will save and pay for college as well as tips on how to finance an education in a way that makes sense for most people.

For a guide to affordable online colleges, click here:

Most colleges and universities are incorporating online degree programs, which is a growing trend that seems to cater best to today’s “modern day” student. As such educators, students and their families will have more to evaluate as they explore all the available options. To help, we thought we would research and create a resource page that discusses online colleges and programs and the truth behind the often-touted selling point of “affordability”.




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